SMUDGE Herbal Spell Mixes

Reintroducing our majickal herbal mixes!  Herbs have been used since ancient times, and spell mixare still used today, for their healing powers. Each Herbal Spell Mix contains herbs, resins, oils, and salts that correspond to their purpose. Our herbal blends are used in spells and potions, rituals and cleansing.

Here are some ways you can incorporate Smudge Herbal Mixes into your magickal practice:

Mojo Bags & Sachets: Herbs are added to mojo bags, or a small sachet so you can carry your magic with you. You can add crystals, oils, and your personal intent on a mojo bag, or put some mix into a sachet and carry it in your purse, put it under your pillow, or in a bowl on your altar or meditation space.

Baths & Washes: You can put herbs in a tea ball, or sprinkle them freely into your bath water for healing, cleansing, or manifesting. You can also add some mix to your mop water, and clear your home of negative energy, or draw in peace and love.HERBAL COLOR PIC

Candle Magick:  To enhance your energy in your candle spells, dress your candles with Smudge Magickal Oil Blends and Herbal Spell Mix. These will add an extra punch to your spells to get the job done.

Our herbal blends contain ingredients that you cannot ingest. They are for external use
only.  Our Herbal Spell Mixes are made here at Smudge by Michelle, Creative force and Boss Witch at Smudge Metaphysical.


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