Magickal Herbs Help Support Hiatus House

HERBAL COLOR PICOur majickal herbs and roots section is expanding! We also have added new sacred herbal incense blends and resins to our collection! All our products are high quality, and prepared right here at Smudge. Currently we have over 32 different herbs, majickal blends and resins in stock, with new ones hitting the shelves each month.

Majickal herbs are used when you want to incorporate their vibrational properties into your spells, meditation, space and aura cleansing, mojo bags, and so much more.  You can create your own incense blend, sachet for love or protection, or place on your alter. If you have any questions about the Smudge Majickal HErbsuse of herbs, our staff will gladly answer any of your questions.

We are proud supporters of our local organization HIATUS HOUSE. When you purchase any Smudge Brand Majickal Herb, Resin, or Blend, you are helping support women who are taking the step to ending domestic violence in their family. The many programs that they offer, along with support and housing are necessary in our community. Our first eight months open we raised almost $900.00 for Hiatus House through product sales, purple majickal herbsscarf sales, and promos. This year we want to make a big difference, and with your help and support we will!

By purchasing products you need for your majickal practice here at Smudge, you are not only  getting quality product, but helping women change their life.

All of our Smudge Brand products, tea, smudge, herbs, spell mix, resin, soaps, oils, incense, and bath salts support this important organization. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support as this is a cause close to my heart, as I am a childhood abuse and domestic violence survivor.hiatus house

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