New Blessing Oil Products!


I am so excited to release this amazing product line!  It’s been in the works for a while, perfecting it, making sure it was blended and charged just so.

The healing properties of the oils, herbs and salts are an easy addition to your spiritual journey and growth. This line is not only formulated for spiritual connection and support, it also keeps you grounded while doing so. Four oils correspond with the Archangel energy of Michael, Raphael, Uriel & Gabriel.  St. Joseph for home blessing, and protection.

It is important to always make sure you are grounded before meditation, or any psychic


work. Being ungrounded while focusing only on your upper energy centers leads to anxiety, scattered thinking, and mental unbalance.  In times of stress and change, being rooted in stability is important to adapt and adjust to new situations and road bumps. Incorporating my Blessed line can be a healing support through change and personal evolution.

If you feel bogged down and overwhelmed, Aura 911, Healing Power, and Roots is for you. If you are trying to open up your intuitive powers, then give Ascension, Third Eye, and Communication a try. Guardian Angel, and Supreme Protector are powerful protection blends. Past Life, and Meditation blend will help open up a spiritual channel to knowledge.

19105617_1210121415764515_3362084907886091989_nSpiritual bath’s are an easy and powerful way to cleanse and balance your auric system, so I’ve created soap and bath salt blends that go with three of the main oils. The salts are a blend of Himalayan, Dead Sea and Epsom. These blended together will sooth skin irritations, release toxins, and absorb the negative energy you have picked up throughout your day, and more! The specially formulated essential oils and herbs add healing, vibrational, and aromatherapy qualities to the salt & soap.  Right now I have three of the main necessities in a set, and I’m working on one more.

I know you will absolutely love these new products as much as I do! The aroma and vibe are incredible!

And don’t forget with your purchase of my Blessing line, you help support the programs at Hiatus House. Spiritual growth and helping others to create a better life for their family. That’s what your purchase from Smudge Metaphysical is all about.


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