New Aunty M Products

22528374_1316133098496679_7186333018975430975_nI’m so excited to get back into the creative rhythm of things again! This year has been a constant flow of change. One of the things that can help you make needed changes is incorporating my Aunty M Conjure or Witch of Walkerville products. They are very versatile, easy to use and are effective in getting what you want.

One of my favorite blends is my Cleopatra Oil, a classic Hoodoo recipe. A sexy, beautiful, floral blend for attracting a partner and enhancing your sexual attraction. Bath salts went out on the shelves this week. Enjoy the set as a fragrance, or set your intentions and make some magic.


One of my most talked about subjects at Smudge is reversal magic, cord cutting and protection. No one wants the negative effects of jealousy, gossip, or trouble shadowing you. People tend to get a bit confused with reversal work thinking it results in bad Karma. Setting boundaries and taking care of your own well being is part of necessary self care. Sending bad juju back to someone who sent it to you is like giving back someone their rotten apple. Take action and send that sh*t back where it belongs. This blend also is a strong hex breaker if someone has thrown something undesirable your way. Evil spirits have no chance when you use Hex Breaker. Cleansing baths are an easy and effective way of clearing negativity from your aura. When you’ve had enough, come see us at Smudge.

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