Free Classes Every Day!?

We have become so busy, and so many new people have come in every day, asking what this is all about. Every day we teach people what we taught in a free class. Every day we teach people how to smudge, how to use crystals, how to use hoodoo products, and how to use their own intuition to guide them on their path. You don’t have to come in at a specific time to learn about the basics, we do it every day, at your convenience.

Love is in The Air!

Whether you are out on the dating scene, in a relationship, or just want to pump yourself full of some confidence, self-esteem and positive love vibes, we have what you need to enhance your love life.

2016 A Year of Self Examination

It’s time to re-evaluate what is not working and to make changes within to get you to where you need to be. If you are familiar with the cycle of personal growth, this time is perfect to dig out your deepest fears, your most hidden obstacles, and face your scary demons. Chances are they are already staring you in the face. Here is how I am using this time to my advantage and drudging through to the other side.

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