Jacki Smith at Smudge!

Jacki Smith creator of our Coventry Candles, Motor City HooDoo, Wicked Good Sprays,author, and Head of the Witches Union, is here at Smudge today! Come out and meet this amazing and funny gal, learn some real magic, and go home with a signed copy of her book.

Free Classes Every Day!?

We have become so busy, and so many new people have come in every day, asking what this is all about. Every day we teach people what we taught in a free class. Every day we teach people how to smudge, how to use crystals, how to use hoodoo products, and how to use their own intuition to guide them on their path. You don’t have to come in at a specific time to learn about the basics, we do it every day, at your convenience.

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